Instagram Carousel, Coming Out Day

For Rainbow Railroad, I researched, wrote and oversaw the design of an Instagram carousel to commemorate Coming Out Day. The piece provided insight about the origins of the day, drew attention to the ongoing lack of LGBTQI+ rights around the world and affirmed people on their coming out journey. The piece reached millions of people on Instagram.

“Whatever your lot was, that was your lot”: Chinese-Canadian Women at Work in the Vancouver Area, 1880-1945.”

To launch an exhibition at Access Art Gallery, I wrote a short essay describing the experiences of Chinese-Canadian working women in the period 1880-1945 in Vancouver. Beginning with a meditation at the Chinese Canadian War Monument on nationhood and belonging, I spiral outwards geographically and metaphorically into the realm of the lesser known stories. Original archival research completed at the Vancouver Public Library Special Collections and Multicultural History Society of Ontario.