// Portfolio //

i Baby Point Heritage Conservation District Study, 2018.

A history of the Baby Point neighbourhood for the City of Toronto. The report was comissioned by the city to assess the neighbourhood’s suitability for Heritage Conservation District status. (First 8 of 27 pages shown below)

Key Activities: Conducted archival and photographic research. Wrote comprehensive history and evolution of the neighbourhood. Created timeline of key events in the neighbourhood history. Collaborated with team at EVOQ architecture to revise and edit findings based on heritage priorities.

To view the full report, click here.

ii. The Body Politic 45th Anniversary historical placards, 2017.

48" by 60" poster-boards (3 of 12 total displayed here). Created for Pink Triangle Press, in collaboration with designer Lucinda Wallace.

Key activities: researched historical content from Pink Triangle Press Archive and curated content based on chosen themes. Wrote descriptions at top right of each placard.

iii. First and Second World War Education Guides, 2016.

PDF and printed booklet (4 pages of 12 displayed here). A collaborative project completed at Historica Canada with design firm Spotvin Inc.

Key activities: researched and wrote historical timeline for WWI Guide (shown below). Created interactive discussion questions and activities for high-school students and researched historical photographs for inclusion in guides in a team of three.

To view a full pdf version of this piece, click here.

iv. Essay in short book: “Whatever your lot was, that was your lot": Chinese-Canadian Women at Work in the Vancouver Area, 1880-1945."

Key activities: conducted research and wrote essay detailing Chinese-Canadian womens' experiences in British Columbia for an exhibition at Access Gallery.

// Articles, Essays and Book Reviews //

Encyclopedia Entry, "The Indian Shaker Church." The Canadian Encyclopedia, June, 2016.

Book Review: ed. Carol Williams, "Indigenous Women and Work: From Labor to Activism." Canadian Journal of Native Studies 33 no. 2: (June, 2014): 192-194.

Article: " 'And bold and adventurous amazons they were': Colonial encounters with LGBT Indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest fur-trade." Active History Web Magazine: April, 2014.

Book Review: Bev Sellars, “Toward Justice: A Review of They Called Me Number One.” Talon Online Review of Books: July, 2013

Academic Thesis: "The Indian Shaker Church: Colonialism, Continuity and Resistance, 1882-1920." UBC Library, April, 2013.

Opinion piece: “The memorial to communism in Ottawa is a poor example of public history,The Georgia Straight, 2015.
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